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Online App

We spent the whole day on Labor Day changing and modifying the menu in our online ordering portals.  I mean it took from about 10am through to 9pm with 1 break to walk the dog.

Free Delivery to Most Locations

Just wanted to let everyone know we deliver.  We also offer curbside.

To order, simply go to our website and click on the red order button at the top.  If you do not want to order online, call us at (559) 755-3412.  Its easy!

Mmm, ribs...

Beef Ribs are back.  Well we bought a case from Harris Ranch.  We plan to sell as many as we can and freeze the rest until we get more orders for them.  We took them off the menu a while ago because they wouldn't sell regularly so we decided to make them a special request item.

Construction Coming

Many ask if we are still going to Fresno.  It is taking an extreme amount of time, but yes.  COVID certainly took part in the delays but the City of Fresno is not an easy city to work with.