Open For Dine In


Tonight we will open for dine in.  Joel and Caleb will be there to watch and learn.  We have been given some very specific guidelines to reopen.  So please be patient.

The guidelines are posted at the restaurant along with reminders.  One of these guidelines is a reservation system.  Please call in and reserve seating.  Even if you leave a message on the phone or on Facebook, let us know.  We might have to call you back to ask you to come a little later.  That is the intention of the guideline.  Since we began, it seems like Kerman is on the same eating schedule.  At 6 pm we get crowded and by 7 pm we are nearly empty again.  So let's try to spread the times out a little for the sake of keeping distance from each other and stopping the spread.

The Virus is growing in Kerman right now.  So lets try to slow it down.  We don't know if a mask helps or not, but the guideline is to wear a mask when not at your table, so please also follow that guideline as well.

If you can, order via our online system, that way less people are touching the register and credit card slot.

Most important, please stay home if you are ill or having any symptoms.

We are eager to open up and look forward to seeing all of your faces again.  As it stands, Thursday and Friday lunches will also be dine in, so come on by and see us!

We are also planning some delivery so stay tuned!


Submitted by caleb on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 15:12

This is my comment, what does it look like?  Wow, looks like you are open, that is great!!