Online App

We spent the whole day on Labor Day changing and modifying the menu in our online ordering portals.  I mean it took from about 10am through to 9pm with 1 break to walk the dog.

We updated and added pictures and descriptions.  We updated the items to make them quicker and easier to find for not only you trying to order online but also us at the register.

Free Delivery to Most Locations

Just wanted to let everyone know we deliver.  We also offer curbside.

To order, simply go to our website and click on the red order button at the top.  If you do not want to order online, call us at (559) 755-3412.  Its easy!

You will notice that our beer and the cans are available.  Yes, we will deliver your food with beer for you.  Delivery is free but feel free to tip your driver online or when you see him.  If you do not want food but want beer, that's ok, we'll deliver our beer or the cans we have available.

Mmm, ribs...

Beef Ribs are back.  Well we bought a case from Harris Ranch.  We plan to sell as many as we can and freeze the rest until we get more orders for them.  We took them off the menu a while ago because they wouldn't sell regularly so we decided to make them a special request item.  Since then they have certainly gained in popularity and we get requests for them quite a bit, however the other sources for beef ribs are just not as meaty but just as expensive and we couldn't continue to do this to our customers. We find it offensive when we get notched ribs and we are sure you would too.

Construction Coming

Many ask if we are still going to Fresno.  It is taking an extreme amount of time, but yes.  COVID certainly took part in the delays but the City of Fresno is not an easy city to work with.  We submitted plans that we thought should be sufficient for the minor TI we are doing in the space but we got a laundry list of items they want shown on the plans.

Dine outside at the Den

As many of us know, the state has shutdown a lot of business.  Just as I needed a haircut, they shut that down again too.  However for us as a restaurant, we must shutdown dine-in service so we have been trying to find a way to comfortably do dine-out.  It has been hot.  Driving around Fresno we see many people outdoors dining out in this heat.  So we started to think people are eager to dine safely regardless of temperature.  So we tried.


Tonight we will open for dine in.  Joel and Caleb will be there to watch and learn.  We have been given some very specific guidelines to reopen.  So please be patient.


This is a brand new website that we are building from the ground up on the Drupal platform.  Looking forward to continuously updating it and adding features so you all can find value.  Please let us know what features you would like to see in the comments below.

It now features a "Catering Quote" form under "Contact".  If you have an event you would like catered then please fill out this form and we will promptly return your message with details.  Market pricing is changing constantly.