Times Are Changing

New Hours

Quite literally they are changing.  Well, our times are changing.  What we mean is beginning next week, 1/18/20 we are going to start opening for dinner at 4 pm.  We have noticed that quite a few orders try to come in before we open at 5, so we will make it public now, that you can make your order by 4 pm every day except for Thursday and Friday which we open at 11:30 on those days.  So to sum it all up:

Beginning 1/18/20 our hours will be as follows:

Monday: 4pm - 8pm

Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 8pm

Thursday: 11:30am - 9pm

Friday: 11:30am - 9pm

Saturday: 4pm - 8pm

Sunday: 4pm - 8pm

However, after some time, it may go back to 5.  Really depends on how it goes over the next few weeks.  If only we can go back to normal...