Open for Dine In (Kinda)

Dine outside at the Den

As many of us know, the state has shutdown a lot of business.  Just as I needed a haircut, they shut that down again too.  However for us as a restaurant, we must shutdown dine-in service so we have been trying to find a way to comfortably do dine-out.  It has been hot.  Driving around Fresno we see many people outdoors dining out in this heat.  So we started to think people are eager to dine safely regardless of temperature.  So we tried.

Yesterday, Friday the 17, we set up some canopies and tables outside and we filled them up.  In fact we had to bring all tables from inside, outside.  It was a strong message to us that people are eager to dine in(outside).  Thank you to everyone that came by and showed support.  We are going to keep trying to do this each day.

The plan for the future has always been to convert the side lot next to us to outdoor dining with window access to order and pick up food and drinks.  We are meeting with the city this coming Monday the 20th to begin planning.  We hope it will be allowed, we would like to put fans, tvs, speakers, corn hole tables, etc etc.  It will be the hang out in Kerman!  Hope the city and the landlord help us get this done, it will be a big plus for the City of Kerman, our home.