Latest on the Fresno Location

Construction Coming

Many ask if we are still going to Fresno.  It is taking an extreme amount of time, but yes.  COVID certainly took part in the delays but the City of Fresno is not an easy city to work with.  We submitted plans that we thought should be sufficient for the minor TI we are doing in the space but we got a laundry list of items they want shown on the plans.

As we have said before, we had to draw up plans for this place that were more detailed than normal because they wanted us to change the "use" of the 500 or so square feet of customer seating space.  Most of the work involved is just showing what is already there as we are not changing much.  We have a mechanical engineer working on the A/C  plans (already existing), the walk-in refrigerator, the glycol chiller and how much heat will be displaced to the warehouse, etc etc.  We have a plumbing engineer making plans on drains, floor sinks, water heater, 3 comp sink, bathroom (already exists), etc etc.  We have an electrical engineer working on the electrical to show what exists, draw plans connecting the walk-in electrical as well as the glycol chiller, and Title 24!  Ridiculous!  We have an architect working on the architectural drawing showing mostly what exists already but also some needed views of the bar area and ADA requirements.  The list that we got back from the City is only the beginning.

We are moving full steam ahead as fast as we can but we can only do so much and it's costing us rent now because it has taken so long.  So please help us by eating delicious food and great beer in Kerman!

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support even in these difficult times.  Stay safe, and we look forward to serving you in Kerman and Frenso.