Beef Ribs Are In!!

Mmm, ribs...

Beef Ribs are back.  Well we bought a case from Harris Ranch.  We plan to sell as many as we can and freeze the rest until we get more orders for them.  We took them off the menu a while ago because they wouldn't sell regularly so we decided to make them a special request item.  Since then they have certainly gained in popularity and we get requests for them quite a bit, however the other sources for beef ribs are just not as meaty but just as expensive and we couldn't continue to do this to our customers. We find it offensive when we get notched ribs and we are sure you would too.  If you have been let down by the beef ribs recently, get these Harris beef ribs, they are good and meaty!

They are sitting in our walk-in right now, so please contact us either through our website or call and place your order at (559) 755-3412.