The Den Smokehouse & Brewery began as an idea when Joel and Caleb were visiting breweries on the Central Coast.  We thought, why can't we do this?  We are a couple of inexperienced guys trying to run a restaurant/brewery.  We both like bbq and we both like beer.  We both live in Kerman.  Family is important.  We love the Kerman community.

Our goal is to serve the highest quality beer and food in the area.  We need to keep the brewery and restaurant family oriented.  We are a a couple of noobs so we are always learning and always open to ideas.  Please join with us and help us grow and enjoy good food and good beer and good community.

Joel is a union mason.  He got his start with a Traeger smoker years ago.  He's a family man, with 2 kids and one on the way.  He has raised his kids in Kerman and the Kerman school district.

Caleb is an accountant.  He began brewing beer in the late 90's.  The house had a basement which maintained even temperatures for fermenting beer.  Later on, after purchasing some professional grade equipment from SS Brewtech and with the idea of opening a brewery we started making beers featuring some local farm grown things like raisins.  With good support from our community and after 2 years we have outgrown that equipment.