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BBQ Chicken & Ribs

Next week we are going to do some family dinners again.  There are two to choose from or order any that we have done.  But please understand it is very important to pre-order these as they take a long time to bbq.

New Hours

Quite literally they are changing.  Well, our times are changing.  What we mean is beginning next week, 1/18/20 we are going to start opening for dinner at 4 pm.

Fresno State

A group of students at Fresno state are doing a research project and we are the subject.  They need our customers to do a survey.  We have not gone through the survey yet but seems like it might even help us as well.

Pulled Pork

Yes this is a picture of about the middle stage of a smoked pork shoulder which will soon become pulled pork.  It is a very flavorful piece of meat.  We however, received way too much and we are trying to get rid of it before we need to freeze it.